Jane Barandes Pollack, Career Coach

  • Position: Career Coach
  • Pricing: Pricing: $3,250.00 per 10 sessions (60min), $3,900.00 per 12 session (60min) / Limited Sliding Scale Options Available
  • Location: Valley Village, CA
  • Email: Jane@menachemgroup.com
  • Phone: +1 (323) 524-3868 ext. 704
Personal Experience & Biography

Jane Barandes Pollack

Finding a meaningful and fulfilling career doesn’t always come easy. As a career coach spanning over 25 years, I have helped individuals navigate the various obstacles that challenge them professionally. I work with clients to define the issues that can prevent them from being their best selves and provide actionable solutions towards transforming their professional future. By gaining awareness of their key behaviors they are able to make the key shifts necessary for powerful breakthroughs.

My clients include those just starting out to seasoned veterans. Areas of expertise include;
  • Job Search Preparedness: Defining one’s personal narrative, resume/LinkedIn optimization, effective networking
  • Career Pivoting: Moving to new roles, organizations or industries
  • Management & Leadership Development: Preparation for increased roles and responsibilities
  • Job Market Readiness: (Reserved for recent graduates and others first entering job market): Defining proper steps to landing a job, as well as on-the-job preparation
  • Managing Illness in Workplace: Strategies for navigating one’s health and career
Having spent 25+ years as a corporate executive in Advertising and Marketing, prior to becoming a Career Coach, I’ve had the opportunity to coach, teach and mentor hundreds of employees and team members. This not only has allowed me to gain valuable experience in working with all types of individuals in various roles and responsibilities, but also allowed me to develop a proven approach and methodology I still use to this day.
My approach is always to provide a safe space for true collaboration through open, honest discussion. We will gain a clear understanding of your personal beliefs, priorities and motivations to allow you to uncover what you really want and need. By digging deep into areas that may be holding you back, such as self-limiting beliefs or triggers, we work on defining new ways of handling these challenges if/when they arise. In addition, I continue to use my own personal story of career transition to help my clients find understanding and inspiration throughout their own journey. Together we will ultimately define and activate your new roadmap towards a meaningful and successful professional future.
I believe that now, more than ever, it is important to have someone that can support, guide and believe in you. I look forward to working together and helping you uncover your career possibilities.
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