Emanuela Rostovtsev, AMFT


Emanuela Rostovtsev, AMFT

I am a psychodynamic and relationally rooted therapist dedicated to supporting adolescents,
adults, and couples as they navigate the complexities of identity, relationships, and life
transitions. With a warm and humorous style, I strive to create a safe and inclusive space where
you can truly be yourself. Some people seek therapy because they are experiencing mental
health difficulties such as depression and anxiety, while others are looking for a space to explore
and better understand their relationships, emotions, and inner selves. Regardless of your
reason for seeking therapy, I believe the journey of self-exploration is one of courage and hope.

My journey as a therapist began at Antioch University, where I cultivated a deep understanding
of psychodynamic theory and relational therapy. During my training at Antioch Community
Therapy Services, I had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, including those
grappling with mental health disorders, grief, trauma, and questions surrounding their identities.
Whether you are experiencing mental health hardships, facing challenges associated with
LGBTQIA+ identity, or navigating difficult life transitions, I’m here to offer compassionate support
and guidance.

Before transitioning into therapy, I spent six years as a substance use disorder counselor,
gaining insights into the complexities of human behavior and addiction in both inpatient and
outpatient settings. This experience instilled in me a deep appreciation for the resilience of the
human spirit and the power of empathy in facilitating healing and transformation. As your
therapist, my goal is simple: to hear and understand you. Together, we can explore your beliefs
about yourself and the world around you, uncovering hidden patterns and insights that can lead
to profound personal growth. I firmly believe that the therapeutic relationship is a microcosm of
our relational patterns, offering valuable opportunities for self-reflection and growth.

Drawing from psychodynamic principles, I believe that by examining the past, we can gain a
deeper understanding of our present experiences. Sometimes it is easier to think our emotions
than to feel them. My goal is to help you feel safe enough to feel your emotions in our sessions
together. Through the cultivation of safety and trust, therapy becomes a space where we can
challenge ourselves to grow and evolve. My hope is to provide you with both warmth and safety,
while also gently encouraging you to confront and overcome obstacles on your journey towards
healing and self-discovery.

If you feel that my approach resonates with you and you sense that we could work well together,
I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a
complimentary 15-minute consultation call, where we can discuss your needs and therapeutic
goals. If it isn’t the right fit, I would be happy to refer you to a therapist you might work well with.
I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

AMFT License #146671
Under the Licensed Supervision of Seth Menachem, LMFT. License #106459

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