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Family Therapy at Menachem Psychotherapy Group

Families are complex systems, and it can be easy to get stuck in a role that creates feelings of anger and resentment. Empathy, communication, and understanding will help the family transition from viewing each other as the enemy to approaching each other from a place of compassion, curiosity, and positivity.
Family dynamics are complicated. Every member generally has a different temperament, different personalities, different ways of communicating and different sensitivities. It can be challenging to navigate those differences. It’s hard to focus on your own needs as well as someone else’s. A family therapist can help you see the larger picture.

How Family Therapy Can Help

The hardest part is being too close to the problem. This makes it hard for you to see the issues clearly. This is where a family therapist can help. Family therapy helps families learn to communicate better and also to understand each other on a deeper level. Your family therapist can help you and your family see how their behavior influences the behavior of those around them. It’s often very difficult to see your own behavior and methods of communication. You may not realize that it may be causing the exact behaviors from other family members that you don’t like.

Unfortunately, sometimes one member of the family ends up the scapegoat for the whole family’s problems. In family therapy, your therapist will focus on the entire family system and all the dynamic complexities therein. Instead of only focusing on the problems of one member, we take a look at how the whole family system needs healing. Family therapy can restore your family’s feelings of peace and closeness.

Principles of Family Therapy

Family therapy employs the following ideas and principles to facilitate treatment by a trained therapist:

The Purpose of a Family Therapist

The goal of a family therapist is to help family members understand how the system functions. They can also help you work on the following issues:

Family therapy can help anyone who has an emotional health problem that interferes with their life or their family members. If someone in your family has a mental health problem, then it’s even more important for the family to function in a peaceful way to help that person. Family therapy can include all members or only the ones who would like to participate. Your therapist will discuss specific treatment plans.

Treatment With Family Therapy

Family therapy can be effective for various family situations and issues, including the following:
Your family therapist can help you and your family work through all of these issues and many others during family therapy sessions.

What Your Family Therapist Will Focus On

Your therapist will direct your focus during family therapy to some of the following areas:

Your therapist will give each family member various assignments during therapy sessions. For example, parents might be directed to give their children more responsibility. Your therapist will work together with your family to set goals and ways to accomplish them. Members of the family can also pursue complementary treatment such as treatment for mental illness.

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