Individual Therapy

Those struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or addiction almost always require professional treatment with counseling and therapy. Individual therapy is a common modality used to treat these conditions. Therapy programs help people with mental disorders and addiction work through their problems and get back on track. It’s very possible to treat these conditions with therapy and allow patients to have a normal life.
Individual therapy involves meeting one on one with a therapy professional. It’s sometimes called talk therapy. During these therapy sessions, you will talk with your therapist about your feelings, emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. You and your therapist will work together to acknowledge and understand your past experiences, problematic patterns, and past trauma in order to begin to reaffirm your feelings of personal worth.

Things To Know About Individual Therapy In Los Angeles

Individual therapy is one of the best therapy forms to address substance abuse and addiction in particular. When you first attend individual therapy, you’ll meet with your therapy professional right away. This is where you can talk about your history with addiction or another mental health disorder. You can also talk about your background and general information about yourself. If you have a family history of mental health issues or addiction, you should bring that up. Any physical health problems should also be mentioned.
It’s very important to find a therapy professional that you can immediately click with. One on one counseling works the best when you have a good relationship with your counselor. What does it mean to click with your individual therapy professional?

Your first counseling session is the best opportunity to assess whether your therapist will be a good fit. Take note of how you feel when you talk to them and if you feel comfortable and relaxed.

How Does Individual Therapy In Los Angeles Help?

During therapy sessions, you will learn several things related to your addiction, mental health and recovery. It’s not fully understood why some people struggle with addiction or other mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Some studies point to genes and others suggest that it’s more related to environments. Many times it’s a combination of the two. People who have troubled or traumatic childhoods are generally more likely to develop a chronic mental health issue like addiction or depression. Therapy can help you understand the whys behind your issues.

Remember that you will be talking to your therapy professional about your history and your environment. When you begin to speak about these issues during counseling sessions, you can also begin to understand why they occurred. As an outsider, your therapy professional is able to pick up on patterns that you may not have realized were happening. This will help you start to understand why you fell into addiction or why you can’t seem to escape depression.

How Family Therapy Ties To Individual Therapy

It’s common to end up talking about your family during counseling therapy sessions. Your relationship with your parents can have a profound effect on your risk of addiction. As previously mentioned, a traumatic childhood is a common denominator of people who struggle with addiction. You may have experienced abuse or lived with a parent who was also struggling with addiction. A quality therapy program can bring in families as well.

Individual therapy can help uncover these issues and shine a light on relationships that might need healing. You can discuss your family background and problems during individual therapy sessions. If possible, your therapy professional might recommend family therapy in addition to your current treatment program.

Finding Individual Therapy Programs In Los Angeles

One on one counseling and psychotherapy has helped millions of people all across the globe. Techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy are proven and evidence-based treatments that work. You can find a program near you through recommendations from your current rehab facility or mental health professional.

Menachem Psychotherapy Group in Los Angeles conducts both group therapy and individual therapy. Contact them today if you or someone you love is struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction. Counseling therapy is a proven method to treat these conditions.


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