Couples Therapy

Love is a powerful experience that has the potential to last a lifetime. However, when it comes to relationships, much work is often needed to keep them healthy and sustainable. In order for couples to thrive and last, both parties must be committed to the relationship as well as to fixing and healing themselves. Many people bring various issues and baggage into relationships that they haven’t worked on yet. This baggage can cause problems later on down the road. By seeing a couples therapist in Los Angeles at Menachem Psychotherapy Group, you can restore trust, understanding and intimacy to your relationship through couples therapy.

Are You Going Through a Rough Patch?

All romantic partnerships have bumps in the road from time to time. However, sometimes you may have difficulty seeing your love for your partner due to a lack of communication that leads to bitterness and anger. This may cause you to lose trust and intimacy with your partner. Previously, your trust and intimacy with your partner probably defined your relationship. Perhaps you’re not sure that you can restore it alone. This is where couples therapy can help.

It’s easy to point the finger at your partner. You probably see their shortcomings too easily. You feel like everything is their fault and blame the problems in the partnership on them. Unfortunately, you may be unknowingly contributing to the things that your partner is doing to upset you.

How Couples Therapy In Los Angeles Works

Couples therapy can help you see how both you and your partner might be causing problems for each other. As you both take responsibility for the negative dynamics, you can begin healing the trust between you and restore your previous intimacy and love. Through the guidance of your couples therapist, you will learn better ways to communicate. Couples therapy provides a safe space for you to reveal your emotions and thoughts. This will allow you to discover the root of the problems in your partnership.

Through couples therapy in Los Angeles, you will also become more aware of the assumptions and baggage you carry into a romantic partnership. You can then build a new foundation of expectations that you and your partner can understand and support. Couples therapy will help you remove the fears that cause many couples to be defensive. You will learn how to communicate with your partner more effectively and express your love more freely. This results in closer and healthier relationships.

Learning How To Communicate In Couples Therapy

One of the most important ways that couples therapy in Los Angeles can help restore your partnership is through the development of communication skills. A big part of communication is listening. Through couples therapy, you will learn how to be an empathic listener. You will also learn how to express your needs and communicate in a way that is both honest and thoughtful. The keys to effective communication are as follows:

It’s not an exaggeration to say that communication is a major key to a healthy partnership. Too many people communicate in a way that makes the conversation all about them. They listen, but only so that they can form a defense. They may also attempt to read their partner’s mind and put words into their mouth. Couples Therapy can help you identify and fix these unhealthy communication patterns. Together, let’s learn new ways to talk, try replacing judgment with curiosity, and generate positive feelings towards one another.

Couples Sex Therapy

Intimacy is a very important part of relationships, and it’s no surprise that intimacy often suffers when problems begin to crop up in other areas. You might find yourself putting your sexual connection with your partner on hold due to life issues and problems. Unfortunately, this tends to make things worse between couples. The goal of couples therapy is to help you put intimacy as a priority again. You will learn how to reconnect with your partner on an intimate level and create the space to see each other as lovers again.

Issues Addressed By Couples Therapy

If you feel like your relationship can use some help, contact a couples therapist at Menachem Psychotherapy Group today to find out how couples counseling can help you get back on track.

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