Sasha Feldman, AMFT


Sasha Feldman, AMFT

I am a dedicated psychotherapist committed to guiding individuals towards self-healing and self-actualization. My approach to healing is rooted in Buddhist and Gestalt work, which emphasize the power of self-awareness and acceptance as a vehicle for change.

I see myself not as a teacher, but as a fellow voyager, embarking with clients on a shared journey towards healing. I believe that conventional therapy lacks energy and a life-force. That is why I focus on the paradoxical nature of change, which means we experiment with new ways of approaching life that at times may seem counterintuitive, but can bring immense positive change in the long run. I work from an eclectic lens, which is why if the tool box fails us, we throw it out and try something new. While working with patients struggling with trauma and complex issues, I realized that talk-therapy can only work as a small part of the solution. That is why I incorporate somatic techniques to help my clients not only register it in their mind, but through their body and nervous system as well.

Drawing from over a decade of experience as an actor, my immersion in the world of film and television has enriched my understanding of the human experience, particularly the challenges faced by artists. I have a deep sensitivity to the roadblocks creatives face, and understand the complexities of the industry as well.

With a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University and training at Beit T’shuvah, an addiction center; I have honed my skills in assisting individuals dealing with trauma, grief, and various mental health concerns. I also facilitated a Psycho-Drama group, and a Dream analysis group which helped my clients develop insight in ways other therapy models were not able to.

If you’re seeking a compassionate guide to support you on your path towards personal growth and self-realization, I invite you to take the next step and schedule an appointment with me. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

AMFT License #146816
Under the Licensed Supervision of Seth Menachem, LMFT. License #106459

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