8 Trust-building Exercises for Couples

Trust-building exercises are fun and safe prompts and ideas that you can do with your partner to help build trust, deepen communication and increase honesty.

What Are the Long Term Effects of Childhood Trauma?

Kids are definitely resilient, and some memories certainly sink into the depths of our minds after time. However, sometimes childhood trauma can have lingering and long term effects.

I Will Be Here For As Long As You Need Me: A Story on Death and Dying

Last year, when my four-year-old son, Asher, first discovered that he would one day die, he cried for days. There was a point where I couldn’t get him to leave the house because he was lying on the floor, mourning his own impending death.

My Son Wears Dresses and that’s OK with Me: A Story on Gender Identity

Every morning my four-year-old daughter, Sydney, drags a chair into her closet and plucks a dress off of the rack. I try to lean her in other directions —“Why don’t we try shorts today?”—but Sydney’s stubborn. And I think she deserves the freedom to choose what she wants to wear.

I Hate You: A Story on Parenting

“I hate you, dad!” Asher shouted to me in the kitchen, storming out for dramatic effect. My son was angry. He was having an existential crisis, where he couldn’t make sense of his place in the world, how and when we die, and what it all means.