5 Benefits of Family Therapy

Every family has various problems that they must deal with. Every family also usually has a unique way of communicating with each other. The nuclear family these days is often quite different from how it was some decades ago. However, it hasn’t changed that most everyone grows up in some…

8 Signs You Grew up in a Toxic Family

As an adult, you might not remember too much about your upbringing as it’s all in the past now. But your family environment growing up can influence you in ways you don’t even realize. With the exception of clearly abusive situations, many people don’t realize that they had a toxic…

Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments for Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation addiction is an interesting and complex type of addiction where someone develops a strong dependence on masturbating.

Tips for Coping with Life Changes and Transitions

A lot of people embrace change and welcome transitions in life, but many people have difficulty coping with life changes and transitions.

8 Trust-building Exercises for Couples

It’s impossible to have a lasting or healthy relationship without trust. It’s not even exaggerating to say that trust is the number one concern for most couples in a relationship, whether they know it or not. Without trust, everything else suffers, whether it’s intimacy, communication or general happiness. If you’re…

What Are the Long Term Effects of Childhood Trauma?

Kids are definitely resilient, and some memories certainly sink into the depths of our minds after time. However, sometimes childhood trauma can have lingering and long term effects.