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Garrett Means

The thought of realizing your “dreams” can sound distant, overwhelming, and unattainable. This may be especially so if you have tried and feel stuck. I want those of you who feel like there is something more to life to have some practical, down to earth approaches to create some noticeable progress in your life. Life coaching is for those of you who want to create some focused intent around what it means to lead a fulfilling life, and for those who are ready to start taking steps towards a life rich with experiences that align with who you are and what you want, but don’t know where to start.
My name is Garrett Means and I was all too familiar with helplessness in the pursuit of realizing my potential. That is until I sought out guidance and coaching outside of myself to breakthrough my limiting states and beliefs. I have felt that angst, that fire inside, from living a life that is less than what I am meant to live. It is the feeling that tells me there has to be something more, and it is up to me to manifest it.
I want to help guide you through what made the greatest difference in my life, and in those around me, based on my 16-year pursuit into the art and science of leading a fulfilling life. We can work together to figure out what your dreams look like and align that with your day-to-day actions.
My journey has taken me through a degree in neurobiology, behavior and psychology, emergency medicine, international service, global healthcare, and years of positive psychology and coaching experience. I’ve spent thousands of hours helping people through some of the toughest times in their lives. I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience, with professional supervision, through my life coaching certificate from Robbins-Madanes Training, in addition to an advanced coaching certificate from The Coaching Institute. I am also currently working on my independent Board Certification in Coaching (B.C.C.) through the credentialing network for counselors and therapists. I am constantly learning from the latest insights in the field of positive psychology (the study of how we flourish) & coaching psychology (the practice of helping people integrate psychological principles into their own lives).
You and I can work through addressing areas of personal development, relationships, career, and strengths development, using tools such as universal human needs theory, habit design, present state management, Clifton Strengths development, and other principles of positive psychology we find helpful. I want to help you feel alive again, reclaim your power, work to take control of your own experiences, and find alignment within your passions and purpose.

My aim is to help you reduce the frustration and time in not knowing how to get what you want out of life, while helping you become a more effective advocate for yourself and your dreams. I’d be honored to work with you by sharing insights from a lifetime’s worth of passionate service to human potential, and directly support you with one-on-one coaching along the way. I am excited to work with those of you who are ready to take the next practical steps towards making this the life that fulfills you.

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